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Nigerian Production Threatened by Militant Group


The coalition leader of the militant group “Niger Delta Avengers”, stated on Saturday that attacks on oil facilities in the Niger Delta would resume, putting over 1.1M b/d of production at risk, Reuters reports. The group had agreed to halt hostilities in August 2016, after its attacks helped to push Africa’s biggest economy into recession last year by cutting oil production from a peak of 2.2M b/d in October 2016 to nearly 1M b/d in August, the lowest level in Nigeria’s history for at least 30 years.

The controversy was sparked when funds that would have been used to develop the Niger Delta were used to finance another governmental project. The coalition leader claimed that the militant groups would do everything possible to cripple all the oil installations in the region including the offices of each of the oil companies.

The minister of Nigeria’s oil-producing Delta region stated today that the government was ready to meet the militants and discuss their demands, and asked the group to show patience and understanding while the government was pushing through development schemes in the southern territory where rights groups have long complained about poverty and pollution.